Walk Needed 

To all members of the walking group


Walks for  March, April, May & June 2019 needed.

We have a full programme of walks to the end of Februay 2019. If members would like to propose a walk for our next programme, these are the

details you need to include:

   1.  Start Time, Number of Miles, OS Grid Reference. 

    2.  Pick up Time, and/or Bus Number and Time.

    3.  Walk Heading and Description.

    4.  Name, Home or Contact Phone Number, Mobile Phone Number (optional).

Please think about dates you can do, or dates you cannot do, and a preference for Wednesdays or Saturdays if you have one. If you donŐt give us any dates we will assume you can do any Wednesday or Saturday.

Leaders Wanted Too!

We have a thriving group of like minded walkers who enjoy the walks provided by the group. The walks are only made possible by some of our members acting as walk leaders and committing themselves to be available on the day, no walk leaders means no walks for any of you.

There is steady turnover of walk leaders just as there is a turnover of members and this means that in order to keep the group going we need more walk leaders and we need them now!

Help for budding walk leaders is available. Walk routes and details can be provided for you if you're unsure of planning one for yourself. Experienced leaders can lead your walk jointly with you until you are fully confident of leading by yourselves. You are not 100% committed to leading a walk on the arranged day, if something prevents you from leading a walk then another walk leader will be found to lead it for you.

Please come forward and offer to help now. We will be delighted to hear from you.

Contact Brian Arnold.

Tel: 01929 480224,    Mobile : 07740 980056   Brian