Photos for November 2021

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Setting out on Fiona's Four

Heaths Walk.



Going onto Stoborough Heath.


Stone pile and plaque to conservationist Norman Moore (1923 to 2015) who was the author of studies of dragonflies, and one of the first to warn of the dangers of DDT.



Purbeck Mason Wasps on Hartland Way

in July this year.


 Walk through Wareham Forest led by


Palmate Newt (probably) on the path.

The remains of a cottage from about 1860 where the Decoy Pond keeper Simon Gould and his family lived . Fly Agaric Mushroom.

Rest break by stream in Morden.

Passing by a tree hide.


Peter & Hilary led a walk from

Corfe Castle..

Here we are in West Street Corfe Castle.

Ascent of Brenscombe Hill.

Group near radio mast with the castle in the distance.


Reaching the Corfe end of Rollington

Hill by the transmission mast.

Posing for a photo on Challow Hill

before the descent to Corfe.

Rob's Langton & Worth circular walk.

Can you identify the heads?

Group descending to Dancing Ledge.

 Dinosaurs at Keats Quarry

on a previous walk.

Bachiosaurus footprint at Keats Quarry.

These dinosaurs were up to 50 tons

and were plant eating dinosaurs.

Approaching Durston at the top of Panorama Road on Steve's walk on the Herston Trail.

On the Upper Coast path heading

eastwards just south of the fields known

as Hoggett Mead and Johnston Meadow.

Crossing through the area known as The Aviary just before exiting Durlston onto Durlston Road.


 Clive & Rosemary's Sika Trail walk.

View from the viewpoint.

Walking six abreast.