Photos for November 2019

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Lizzie's walk set out from West Lulworth........



and took us to Durdle Door.


Descending to Lulworth on our return.

Rosemary and Clive led a walk in Wareham

Forest on a rainy day.


We had to take our break under the trees.  

 A quick count at the start of Frances's walk

from Greenland farm .

Setting off.

Break at Ower Quay. Can't get them to move!

Return by one of Brian's favourite trees.


Anton's walk from Wareham to Corfe brought its

own challenges.

Rest break on a dry bit!!

Crossing Creech Heath.


Turkeys making a run for it before Christmas!! Back at Corfe.


Carol's walk taking in Worth and Dancing Ledge.

Seacombe Quarry. We adjourned to the Square & Compass.

Rob's walk started from Bere Regis.


With a glorious rainbow!!!!!!!!

Autumn leaves through the woods....

Puddles at Turner's Puddle.

The sun came out when we where nearly back.

Woodland near Bere Regis.

Anton led a blustery walk from Swanage to Durlston

and back!

Leaving Swanage towards Peveril Point.

At the Globe.

Coast Path by the lighthouse.