Photos for October 2019

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Rob's walk set off along the Jubilee

Trail from Culpepper's Dish.

This Comma Butterfly was spotted along the


We crossed the bridge at Moreton....

and returned via Affpuddle Heath.

Visiting the Aglestone on Clive's and Rosemary's


 A seasonal twist to Josie's walk... that took us past Dancing Ledge. We took the coast path to Winspit... and finished at the Square & Compass.

Setting off in the sunshine from

Winterbourne Kingstone on Karen's walk.


We crossed fields near Great

Coll Wood....

where we posed for this picture.

Carol's walk went downhill to


where we visited the famous Clavell Tower.

We took the coast path to Rope Lake



and strode along enjoying the



before a well deserved rest.

John led a walk on Bere & Bloxworth


Here we are at the rest break. Return to Stroud Bridge.  

Steve's walk took in the Norden


Plenty of Pumpkins at Norden Farm. Return to Corfe in the rain!