Photos for OCTOBER 2021

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Clive and Rosemary's walk at

Wareham Forest.

Walking one of the tracks in

Wareham Forest.

We came across these in the woods.

The Swanage Walking Group entry

for Robot Wars

An easy ride for Leaf.

Maureen's walk from Kingston.


Walking near West Hill farm.

On towards Chapmans Pool. Rest break.

Coastal views.

Chapmans Pool

 Rest break on Steve's walk to Knitson


Cutting between Nine Barrow Down

and Round Down.

Brian's walk from Langton Matravers

passing his favourite tree

on Priests Way.

Rest break at Durlston.

Anton's walk started at

Kimmeridge Quarry car park.


Steep descent towards coast.

At Clavell Tower. Cliff path.

Coast path heading East.

Peter and Hilary's walk from

Badbury Rings taking

in Pamphill.


A path near Kingston Lacy.

Crossing Stoborough Green on Carol's.


Posing on Creech Heath.