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Social events

Please check the walk programme pages and the Newsletter for details of our up-coming social events.

I need a little help from my friends…

I am pleased to say we have volunteer, Bryan Stubbs,  to take over the website from, some time after the AGM so I can stop putting out my pleas for someone to take over.

Walking is a safe hobby but...

It is now, officially, spring but it can still be wet and windy so please carry warm clothes in case you need them and  remember to take some water for, at least, the longer walks and warmer days. The ground can firm and dry but after rain, even when the there is not surface water, the mud is slippery and you need to watch your footing. 

Changes to the local bus timetables

Always check bus times using current timetables. Bus times quoted on this site are printed before timetables are available.

Wilts & Dorset buses - Free bus passes are not valid before 09:30 Monday to Friday. 

Linkrider buses - Free bus passes valid any time.