Swanage Walking Group Programme


 March to June 2022



Rob’s Ramble


Some of my neighbours in Worth Matravers record weather patterns and they tell me that rainfall has been particularly low over the last couple of months. I however, have found the local paths muddy and slippery and recently had to change a walk that I found to be particularly treacherous. How can that be? Low rainfall but muddy, slippery paths - answers on a post card please….


I - like the rest of us I’m sure - hope that the worst of the Covid pandemic is over and our walking group can return to “normal”. At the time of writing the committee is deliberating on whether and when to re-instate car sharing at the pick-up point in Swanage, and whether to hold the AGM in person this year. It is all a difficult balancing act! The thinking is that we will re-start the car sharing in this programme but are unsure of timing. Covid cases are still high in Swanage, we will keep things under review.


Some of you may be aware that walk attendance post restrictions last summer was very low (averaging about 8). We wondered why? On the plus side, it was pleasant being able to talk to everyone and for walk leaders there was none of the stress of keeping the group together. That changed at the end of 2021 and attendance numbers have rebounded. This is not unusual for January as people make efforts to work off seasonal indulgence. Let’s see what happens as the year progresses!


Having had to suspend new membership during the pandemic, we have recently had a steady influx of new members - a hearty welcome to you. I hope you enjoy walking with our friendly group and discover more of the beautiful Dorset countryside. Some members have also taken the step of taking on walk leadership. That is excellent news as we get a new perspective and new walks and it also reduces the burden on other walk leaders. I would request that members read through the general etiquette for walkers, and that walk leaders refresh their memories by reading through the walk leader guidelines. These have been included with the programme.


I hope you enjoy the Spring programme, which has an excellent variety of walks including some new walks / all day walks and evening walks.


I would encourage other members to think about leading a walk in our next programme. If you want assistance, we can arrange for an experienced walk leader to help.


Also, if you would like to help in the organisation of the Group by joining the committee, please let a committee member know.


Most of all I hope you can join our walks and I hope to see you soon and do “keep walking and stay fit”.


Rob Lobley,  Chairman SWWG