Swanage Walking Group Programme


 July / October 2021




Rob’s Ramble


I’ve been Chairman of Swanage Walking Group for over 3 years now and I have to say that it has been a bit of a roller coaster ride as far as the walking has been concerned. I was not expecting my period of chairmanship to be impacted so much by a disease that I had not even heard of in 2018.


During the lockdown period, it was so disappointing to develop programmes that we were not able to fulfil due to circumstances beyond our control. I hope that time is over. Our current programme runs through to the end of October and I sincerely want it completed without the disappointment of further covid restrictions. After this we hope to revert to our normal routine of programmes lasting four months.


I am also sure that we all hope that the remainder of the summer gives us some good weather as June did not get us off to a particularly good start.


I am pleased to welcome Hilary Parascandolo on to our committee following her election at the recent e-mail AGM. Hilary has been a member of Swanage Walking Group for many years and her input will be gratefully appreciated. I would also like to thank the many members who voted at the AGM, we had many more people voting than has been the case at a “normal” AGM although of course we did not have as much interaction as we would have liked. I can only hope that we can meet in person at the 2022 AGM and restart our pre-meeting food & chat.


If you are interested, we still have vacant positions on the committee so please come forward and join our merry band.


I take this opportunity to remind you that If we do have some hot weather, please bring extra liquid with you and take necessary precautions against the heat and sun. If you start to feel unwell on a walk, please advise the leader at the earliest opportunity rather than when you are badly impacted by the heat.


I would like to thank the walk leaders that have put forward so many walks during this period of pandemic. We have actually put on many more walks than would normally be the case. I would also encourage more members to come forward as walk leaders. If you think you would be able to lead a walk but have some apprehension, please let me or another committee member know and we will assist you on the first walk or two.


I hope you enjoy the programme, and I am sure you will all join me in thanking Brian Arnold for his hard work in putting it together once again. Do remember that some of the walk leaders have requested that you book a place on their walk, so please check first rather than just turning up.


I look forward to seeing you soon with boots on, sticks at the ready and water bottles to hand.


Keep walking and stay fit,


Rob Lobley,  Chairman SWWG