Swanage Walking Group Programme


November 2019 to February 2020




Rob’s Ramble


It is time again for another Ramble, and I will start by saying that we can’t complain. The weather on the whole has been kind to us, and walks over the current programme have for the most part been well attended.


Two walks in succession were unfortunately cancelled due to extremely windy weather. I can’t remember this happening during my time as a member of the Group. I am advised that this has definitely happened before, but maybe not in summer. Attendance has continued to be good, recently however, on what was by all accounts a very nice day, a walk took place where only one walker turned up to join the leader, that must have been very disappointing! Let’s hope it hasn’t put them off and this does prove to be the rare exception.


I am finding it quite difficult to think about walking in January and February having just returned from a sunny summer holiday. The last few months have been remarkably dry, and as I sit here watching the rain hammering on the window I am reminded that conditions are changing and that all too soon Winter will be on us. Once again it is time to get your boots and waterproof clothing ready for all the cold, wet and mud that our regular haunts can and will throw at us.


As I write we’re about to embark on our “outing” to Weston-Super-Mare. My thanks to Steve Williams for organising this and to Bryan and Caroline Stubbs for checking out the route which we will be following while we are there. Let’s hope the rain holds off and the winds are not too fierce!


Our Programme depends on members proposing walks that they are prepared to lead and yet again I would encourage as many members as possible to come forward with suggestions. Should you be a bit worried about leading for the first time do contact me or another member of the committee and we will be delighted to help you lead your first walk(s). On that note an additional point for leaders which is being added to the Walk Leader’s Guidelines. Our insurance policy requires us to get details of any visitors or guests. Please therefore note their name and address down before the start of a walk and then e-mail the details to me after the walk. It is tedious but necessary!


Following on from last year’s very successful Christmas lunch at the Purbeck Golf Club, Steve will be once again organising this year’s festive gathering at the same venue. Look out for communications in the programme and by e-mail. I look forward to seeing you there.


I do hope you enjoy our next programme and the delights of walking in the lovely Dorset countryside but for now something to make you smile or cringe…


A group of friends from a walking group went out for a long walk, in the afternoon they decided to pair off in twos.


That evening one of them returned staggering under the weight of 2 rucksacks. “Where’s George” the other walkers asked. George’s partner, Simon, replied, “George must have had a heart attack. He just keeled over and died a couple of miles back up the path.”


The other walkers gasped and then one of them asked, “You left George laying out there and carried the rucksack back?”


“It was a difficult decision,” nodded Simon. “But I thought that nobody would steal George.”


I do hope to see you on a walk in the very near future and “keep walking and stay fit”.


Rob Lobley,  Chairman SWWG