Swanage Walking Group Programme


 November 2021 / February 2022



RobŐs Ramble


I havenŐt seen many of you for a month or so – but I havenŐt been idle. I just completed the Portuguese Coastal Camino followed by 10 days in Northern Spain, recovering from doing the Portuguese Coastal Camino. There are many Camino routes which are historically pilgrimage routes ending up in Santiago de Compostela in North West Spain (Galicia).


I did the route with a group of friends some of whom I have known for a full 50 years. Our route started in Porto in Portugal and followed the Atlantic coast north and only deviated inland for the last 80kms or so as we neared Santiago. This route is 280kms long and we covered this in 13 days with a rest day in Vigo, which is roughly half way.


I was a bit apprehensive about the challenge as most of the walks I do with the Swanage Walking group are 5-6 miles long (8-10kms) which is far shorter than many of the daily walks on the Camino, some were 25kms.  I shouldnŐt have been so worried as our walks put me in a good position to do this walk. I can honestly say that some of our walks over 5-6 miles are just as challenging as far longer walks on coastal board walks.


If you feel like a challenge, I would recommend it but I would definitely go with a company that moves the bulk of luggage from one town to the next rather that sinking under the weight of a very large rucksack day after day as some of the ŇpilgrimsÓ did.


Our walks have scenery as good and spectacular as those on the Camino. My experience made me appreciate how lucky we are to have such lovely walking paths so near at hand. I would also say that doing our walks on a reasonably regular basis gives you a pretty good level of fitness and improved lung function.


We are now coming into the Winter season and I hope you enjoy the programme that Brian Arnold has once again pulled together. I thank the many walk leaders that have proposed the walks that are included.


At present, as a Group, we have not re-instated regular car sharing although people can arrange to share cars amongst themselves, we will keep our policy under review. Should there be a change, we will let you know.


I also hope to see a lot of you at the Christmas Lunch which Steve Williams is organising at the Purbeck Golf Club. That has to be one more positive step towards normality.


LetŐs hope that we are blessed with some decent weather over this winter period and that we donŐt sink in mud or get blown away! I also hope that we are not faced with any additional coronavirus restrictions over the winter but you never know do you!!


I do hope to see you on a walk in the very near future and do Ňkeep walking and stay fitÓ.


Rob Lobley,  Chairman SWWG