Walking in a group requires a few simple rules to be observed, viz:


1  Please do not overtake the leader. If the leader needs to stop, those with the leader should also stop. Leaders do not then have to worry about walkers ahead of them taking the wrong route.


2  Please listen to the instructions and description of the walk given by the leader and during the walk adhere to guidance given by the leader on such items as walking single file or on crossing roads. Failure to follow the instructions can be stressful for the walk leader who is doing his/her best to keep you safe.


3  If you join the walk after the start or wish to leave before the finish please inform the leader or back marker personally so the leader knows the exact number in his party at any given time. Do not ask someone else to do this for you.


4  Stiles slow the walk, upon reaching a stile, climb over as quickly as you can and walk clear of the stile area. Follow the leader if they have moved on.


5  If the leader says ‘break over in 2 minutes’, be prepared and ready to move off in two minutes. The leader will expect you to be ready to move off as a group when he/she does.


6  Do not deviate from the route set by the leader. The leaders know where they’re going and will have prior knowledge of the route. If you deviate and anything untoward happens to you, then you may not be found by a backtracking search. If you need a comfort stop make sure the back marker knows as it is their job to wait for you.


7  If you become unwell or tired during a walk, please tell someone immediately, don't wait until you can't go any further, you may then be unable to tell anyone what's wrong. Maybe you just need to rest and recuperate for a while, the chances are if you're feeling tired, then others will also be tired. Maybe you need a drink and if you've run out please tell someone. In hot weather the leader usually carries a spare bottle of water just for such occasions.


8  Please feed back any comments, good or bad, to the walk leader or back marker at the end of the walk as this will help us to ensure that we provide good quality walks for you all to enjoy.


Issued October 2018