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Links to Other Local Walking Groups


                Swanage Walking for Health - http://www.walkingforhealth.org.uk/swanage


                CAPROW (Canford and Purbeck Rights Of Way) - http://www.caprow.org.uk/





GRID REFs – Show the starting points of the walks

CAR SHARE – To share cars & ensure walkers without cars can get to the walks, we meet at the lay-by in Northbrook Road opposite Day’s Park (SZ 026 799). We suggest passengers make a contribution towards petrol costs, in proportion to the distance travelled.

PUT – Indicates ‘pick-up time’ when cars will leave the lay-by.

BUS TIMES – Are departure times. Unless otherwise stated, all bus information is for Wilts & Dorset Bus Co. services and start from Swanage Bus & Rail Station. Confirm times when latest W & D timetable is printed. OAP bus passes are not valid for use on W & D services before 09:30 Mon-Fri [N.B. valid all day on Saturdays]. Valid on Linkrider buses before 09:30.

MEMBERS traveling by bus from the Wareham direction for walks starting from Corfe should contact the walk leader beforehand to let the leader know they could be late arriving for the start.

WALKS DETAILS & POOR WEATHER Walk leaders should be contacted for further details of their walks and for possible late cancellations in inclement weather conditions. Walk leaders have the right to decide whether to start a walk or not and to alter or abandon walks if weather is bad.

WARNING – All sporting & leisure activities have inherent hazards associated with them & walking is no exception. In spite of the safety of members being the paramount concern, accidents can occur. It is important that each member appreciates they are responsible for their own safety and need to identify hazards and take all reasonable steps to eliminate or minimize the potential for an accident to arise. Personal accident insurance is not covered by the SWWG group insurance. It is the responsibility of each individual member to decide whether or not they need to provide their own personal accident cover.

Web-site       http://www.swanagewalkinggroup.co.uk

Subscriptions are £5.00 per person (children & dogs free). See any Committee member for details.




Wareham Car Share


Fiona Keeling organises a car share from Wareham. If you are interested please e-mail Fiona at fionaak@hotmail.com and she will send you full details of how it works with times etc.




Emergency/Useful Phone Numbers


The following is a list of emergency and indeed non-emergency phone numbers, which it might be useful for all walk leaders and others to keep in their address books or to preload into their mobile phones. This time I have added the numbers of some local taxi firms. This could prove useful if, as happened on a recent walk, a member is unable to continue on foot and needs a lift back to their car or nearest town.


In an emergency, obviously telephone 999.

For non-emergency calls to the Police telephone 101.

If you venture into French telecom area then try +44 20 7230 1212

National Trust (Purbeck Office) 01929 450002

Coastguard 01305 760439 (Dial 999 in an emergency)

RSPB Arne 01929 553360

Durlston Country Park 01929 424443

Weld/Lulworth Estate 01929 400352

Dorset Countryside Rangers (Rangers, Rights of Way, Coastal Team) 01305 224463

Swanage Associated Taxis 01929 421122 or 01929 425350

Swanage and Purbeck Taxis 07969 927424

Bill’s Taxis (Swanage) 07549 776736

Wareham and Purbeck Taxi Service 01929 480485

A&C Taxis 01929 556758


Please let one of the committee know if there are any other useful numbers that could be added to this list.


Steve Williams



SWWG - Walk Leaders


We really appreciate the time and effort that our walk leaders put in to provide the walks programmes. It might sound obvious but if there are no walk leaders there is no walks programme. We would ask members therefore to consider becoming walk leaders. It does not need to be a new walk. It could be a walk that was previously led by a walk leader now unable to lead that walk. Should any member feel that they would like to lead a walk but feel a bit apprehensive then please contact a committee member and they will arrange for one of the committee or another experienced walk leader to accompany them on the first walk or two. We have listed below some guidelines to be taken into account when leading walks. Do not be daunted by the guidelines as most of it is just “common sense”. Probably the most important thing is to know your walk and to walk it before it comes up in the programme. We call this doing a recce & should you wish to have company when doing a recce you should be able to find a committee member or another member to accompany you when doing the recce.


Walk Leader Guidelines


Before the walk - check you have the following:


1   A charged mobile phone


2   A SWWG First Aid kit


3   Whistles, for self and back marker. Emergency signal is 6 one-second blasts


4   A suitable Ordnance Survey map of your area, to allow you to give a grid reference to rescue/ambulance services in an emergency


5   Hi–vis tabards or jackets for self and back marker. These are strongly recommended for leading walks on road and crossing roads. They are also very useful for locating back marker when leading large groups


6   A small notebook and pen or pencil


7   Bad Weather – if weather forecasts are very dire consider cancelling the walk. To ensure members get your cancellation message, talk in person to the Programme Arranger, Social Secretary or Chairman before 12.00pm the previous day. Do not leave any form of message because it may not be acted upon in time and you may not know whether or not members have received your cancellation message


8   Hot Weather – consider carrying an extra bottle of water in case someone runs out and becomes dehydrated.


At start of the walk:


1   Introduction. Introduce yourself and ensure any new members or visitors are made welcome


2   Weather. If weather turns really bad, make decision as to proceed with walk or not. Note down weather conditions at start


3   New members and visitors:

     a)   Check they have suitable footwear and/or clothing for route and seasonal conditions. If unsuitable advise them of risks      they may face if they insist on participating

     b)   Ask them to write down their name in your notebook


4   Describe Walk. Outline route of walk, state distance, any foreseen difficult parts, slippery mud, stiles, planned stops and toilet facilities, if none say so


5   Back Marker. Appoint a back marker, give them a whistle and hi-vis. The back marker must wait for all persons who stop for whatever reason and ensure all opened gates are closed again


6   Check the number of walkers. Count and note down the number of walkers.


During the walk:


1   Dogs. Ensure all dogs are properly supervised, especially in vicinity of livestock and close to roads


2   Keep a regular check that all walkers are still present


3   Incidents. If any walker suffers a fall or injury, or some other incident occurs, note down the time and place with a brief note of what happened. If emergency services are called and/or outside help is needed note down their arrival and departure times.


After the walk:


1   If any problems were encountered advise Secretary & Programme Arranger.


2   If an incident occurred or someone became ill and needed help, whether deemed serious or not, a copy of the SWWG Incident Report Form must be completed and forwarded to the Secretary for permanent inclusion in the SWWG incident file.


Issued October 2018




Walking in a group requires a few simple rules to be observed, viz:


1   Please do not overtake the leader. If the leader needs to stop, those with the leader should also stop. Leaders do not then have to worry about walkers ahead of them taking the wrong route.


2   Please listen to the instructions and description of the walk given by the leader and during the walk adhere to guidance given by the leader on such items as walking single file or on crossing roads. Failure to follow the instructions can be stressful for the walk leader who is doing his/her best to keep you safe.


3   If you join the walk after the start or wish to leave before the finish please inform the leader or back marker personally so the leader knows the exact number in his party at any given time. Do not ask someone else to do this for you.


4   Stiles slow the walk, upon reaching a stile, climb over as quickly as you can and walk clear of the stile area. Follow the leader if they have moved on.


5   If the leader says ‘break over in 2 minutes’, be prepared and ready to move off in two minutes. The leader will expect you to be ready to move off as a group when he/she does.


6   Do not deviate from the route set by the leader. The leaders know where they’re going and will have prior knowledge of the route. If you deviate and anything untoward happens to you, then you may not be found by a backtracking search. If you need a comfort stop make sure the back marker knows as it is their job to wait for you.


7   If you become unwell or tired during a walk, please tell someone immediately, don't wait until you can't go any further, you may then be unable to tell anyone what's wrong. Maybe you just need to rest and recuperate for a while, the chances are if you're feeling tired, then others will also be tired. Maybe you need a drink and if you've run out please tell someone. In hot weather the leader usually carries a spare bottle of water just for such occasions.


8   Please feed back any comments, good or bad, to the walk leader or back marker at the end of the walk as this will help us to ensure that we provide good quality walks for you all to enjoy.


Issued October 2018



Swanage Walking Group – Data Protection


The new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force on the 25th May 2018. The purpose of this document is to describe the arrangements made by SWWG for holding data about members.


The information SWWG collects:


SWWG maintains a list of members on a word document which contains:


The member’s name, the member’s address, the member’s telephone number and the member’s email address, where available.


Members can request to get details of the information held about them at any time.


How the information is used:


The membership list is held by a limited number of SWWG committee members (Membership Secretary, Social Secretary, Walks Programme Arranger, Welfare Secretary and Chairman) so that they can notify members of the walks programme and other events and meetings organised by SWWG for members, details and information for specific walks, and other information members may need to safely participate in SWWG events.


Because SWWG tries to keep administrative costs as low as possible the preferred method of communication with Members is by email. Members without e-mail receive information by post.


The information is not shared with any other organisation.


How long is the information kept?


The membership list is actively maintained. Membership of the SWWG expires on 31st December of each year. Should a member not renew membership their information is removed from the membership list by 31st January of the following year. Previous members can renew their membership at a later date on payment of the membership fee.


What rights do members have with regard to their data?


Members have the right to object to how SWWG processes their personal information. In particular members can request that their details are not included in the membership list.


This will mean that members who request non-inclusion will not receive information by e-mail or post about SWWG activities. They will still however be able to access the SWWG website.




Some members take photographs on walks. Some of these are published on the SWWG website. The photos are used to showcase the SWWG’s activities and do not identify people by name. The photographs are not used for commercial purposes. Should any member not wish to have their photo taken please let a committee member know.


Issued October 2018



Social Events


All bookings for social events (or further enquiries) to be made via Steve Williams on 07766 375151 or email srwilliams75a@gmail.com. Any cheques must be made payable to “Swanage Walking Group”


Steve Williams, 75A Ulwell Road, Swanage, Dorset, BH19 1QU.




CHRISTMAS LUNCH, Wednesday 12th December 2018


This year’s Christmas Lunch will be held at the Isle of Purbeck Golf Club on Wednesday 12th December. This is a new venue for us but comes highly recommended by several members who have had meals there recently. The views from the restaurant are stunning. Tables will be arranged in groups of 8 or 9. We will not be the only large group in the restaurant, and for this reason I have arranged for us to be seated by 12:30, so that we are served first. There is a bar for pre drinks from 12:00 onwards. There is a dress code of smart casual (and no ripped jeans!)


It would be helpful to maximise car sharing and to take as few cars as possible, so when you book could you indicate whether you are prepared to offer a lift to others, or indeed would prefer to have a lift and I will try and match up lift providers with lift seekers. For those undertaking the walk before the meal, normal lift sharing arrangements will be available from the Northbrook Road layby.


Please book with me by 1st December, I need to have numbers and menu choices confirmed with the restaurant 10 days in advance of the meal. A Christmas menu is distributed with the walk programme. Could I ask you to make your menu choices with your booking please? The cost is £22.50 per person for a 2 course lunch and £26.50 for a three course lunch. You will note that in both cases this is £1 extra compared to the menu price. This is our normal practice and provides for a tip, should one be warranted.


As indicated above I will arrange a light morning walk in advance of the meal, from the golf club to Greenlands Farm and back across Godlingston Heath – see walking section for further details. For those walking changing rooms are available at the venue, though perhaps muddy boots should be left in cars.


Steve Williams



Walks Programme


Thank you to all the walk leaders who have submitted walks for our Winter Programme. Without you this programme would not be possible, so please keep sending them to me, and if you have walks that you would like to include in the next programme (Spring 2019), then you can send them to me anytime. I would especially like some walks from new walk leaders, so if you haven’t led a walk before please give it a try.


If you are a member who is not on email, then please note that the request for walks for our next programme will go out on 1st January for walks to be submitted by about 27th January for the March to June 2019 Spring Programme.


For the Winter Programme I have put together a full calendar of walks, for every Wednesday and Saturday, except for our usual Christmas break. Please note that we will be having our Christmas walk and lunch on Wednesday 12th December, and this year we will be going to the Purbeck Golf club for the lunch. We also have a walk on New Years Eve “MONDAY”. I look forward to seeing all of you on the walks this Winter.


I produce the walk programme in PDF format for emailing, but if you prefer it in a different format then please just ask.


Brian Arnold    brianarnold666@gmail.com




Membership and Subscriptions


We now have a 124 members, I think that is a record number. Just a reminder, all subscriptions of £5 for 2019 are due on the 31/12/18. You may pay me before this date if you wish, either on the walks or by cheque in the post. If you wish your membership card to be sent could you please enclose a SAE or ask me for it on the walks. If you have not paid by the 31/01/19 all your personal data will be removed from our records. You may rejoin again at any time.


Jill Carter, Membership Secretary




Renewal Subscription Form









Subscription £5-00 per person


Your name/s ….......................................................................................................................................


Your postal address …............................................................................................................................




Post code                  …...........................................................................................................................


Your email address …............................................................................................................................


Your telephone number/s.......................................................................................................................


Ex directory?     YES     NO     (Please circle)


Please include your remittance, cheques only please, money can go missing in post.

Make cheques payable to SWANAGE WALKING GROUP and send to:-


Jill Carter, 36 Vallis Close, Poole, Dorset, BH15 1XZ.


Please note: Membership cards will be handed out to you when you come on your first walk of the year. If you live outside of Purbeck area or only come on occasional walks and would like a membership card sent to you, please include an SAE with this form.