Swanage Walking Group Programme


July 2019 to October 2019


Rob’s Ramble


My first year as chairman has flown by. As I start my second year, I’m actually in Purbeck enjoying the walking - as opposed to last year when I was on a 6 week road trip to Greece.


As I reported at the recent AGM we now have 128 paid up members which is 10 higher than at the same time last year, so we are doing well and seem to be popular. We must be making new members feel at home and I would encourage all members to continue to be welcoming to old and new members alike. This makes all the walks that bit more enjoyable.


Talking about the AGM reminds me of the excitement of the night when we thought we might not have a quorum, as 25% of the membership needed to attend to make up the necessary number. As I started my welcome to those present the attendance was at 31 so 1 short of the quorum number. I breathed a sigh of relief as I looked through the window and noticed Mike Dexter walking towards the church hall. It is always good to see Mike but I was particularly relieved that we had achieved a quorum and avoided the need for alternative arrangements to pass essential walking group business. To all members I make an early plea and ask that if time and distance permits come and join us and enjoy an opportunity to have a social chat, enjoy a lovely bring & share, and a choice of drinks without the walking boots, bobble hats and sticks.


We have enjoyed a lot of good weather for walking recently. I can remember only one walk that I attended when the small band got well and truly sodden. Hopefully we will be blessed with another beautiful Dorset summer. On the subject of summer, I would encourage members to take the normal measures to protect themselves e.g. hats, sun screen and plenty of fluid and if anyone does start feeling unwell on a walk to let the leader know as soon as possible rather than waiting until they are really ill.


We have managed to keep a full programme of 2 walks per week over the last year and once again I would like to thank the walk leaders for putting forward their walks as this is the mainstay of the group. Without the walk leaders there would be no walk programme. There is one additional task for the walk leaders and that is to collect the name and address of any visitors before the walk for our insurance purposes, and to pass the names on to me after the walk.


To avoid disappointment please note now in your diaries our outing to Weston-Super-Mare on Saturday 28th September. This promises to be a great day out whether you decide to take part in the walk or just go for a browse around the town.


I do hope you enjoy the summer programme and my thanks go to Brian Arnold for once again putting it together with such care and professionalism at a very busy time for him. We do hope that getting out into the open air will help to keep you physically and mentally fit.


Something to make you smile…


Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson enjoyed a taster walk in Purbeck with Swanage Walking Group and after the walk decided to have a night’s camping under the dark skies at Worth Matravers.


As they are lying down in the night, the great detective says, “My dear Watson, look up into the darkness and tell me what you see …”. “Why, I can see millions of stars,” Watson replies. “And what does that tell you?” Holmes inquires taking a draw on his pipe.


“Many things, my dear Holmes,” replies Watson. “Astronomically, it tells me that there are billions of galaxies in the cosmos. “Theologically, it tells me that God is truly great and that we are nothing but insignificant beings. “Meteorologically, it tells me that we will have a great chance of a beautiful Purbeck day tomorrow. But I doubt that any of these thoughts match the powers of your deduction,” continues Watson, what, pray, does it tell you?”


Holmes give a sideways glance at his friend and replies, “My dear Watson, somebody’s nicked the bloody tent.”


Keep walking and keep fit,

Rob Lobley,  Chairman SWWG