Swanage Walking Group Programme


November 2018 to February 2019


Rob’s Ramble


In my last ramble I mentioned that I felt slightly guilty that immediately after becoming chairman I departed for a 6-week odyssey to Greece. This meant that I wasn’t able to walk with our group until mid-June. Well since then I managed about half a dozen walks before picking up an Achilles tendon injury. I’ve found this very frustrating and have missed the camaraderie and exercise that our walks provide. I am at present rationing my walking in the hope that this enables a complete repair of the tendon.


I did mention in my previous ramble that we would be able to look forward to a BBQ summer on Purbeck with cloudless skies from June to October. I was wrong on that as the cloudless skies started in May, and although not lasting through to October, the clouds held off until towards the end of August. The only drawback with this summer was that on occasion it was a bit hotter than most of us would have liked for comfortable walking! I can only hope that the upcoming Winter is not as wet as the last one and that we don’t drown in too much mud.


On that note I would point out that now is a good time to prepare your walking gear for the winter, so give your boots and clothes a good waterproofing in preparation for those occasional (we hope) days when it is a bit damp!!


Over the last couple of months, the committee has updated the walk leader guidelines, the data protection policy and the etiquette for walkers so I would encourage members to take a look and advise me or any other committee member if there are any concerns.


With regard to etiquette I have noticed on a couple of the walks that I’ve been on lately is that some walkers have gone ahead of the walk leader. This makes it more difficult for the leader who is trying to ensure that everyone in the group is in touch. I do understand that some people find it easier to climb steep stretches in one go rather than taking breaks on the ascent to get their breath back. If you are one of those walkers please ensure that you stop and wait for the rest of the group when you have reached the top of the hill.


I would like to thank all the walk leaders for putting forward walks that enabled us once again to have a full programme up to the end of October. It was particularly pleasing to have some new walk leaders since a number of our long-standing walk leaders have moved on or are now unable to lead walks. Please note that we are still looking for people, particularly women to come forward for positions on the committee. If anyone is interested please let me or any other committee member know.


I do hope you enjoy our winter programme and sharing the walks with your fellow members who all want to get out to enjoy the beautiful Dorset countryside and to keep fit while doing so.


Please look out for communications concerning our Christmas lunch and I look forward to seeing you in a relaxed social setting.


Something to make you smile…

A chap decides to go on a coastal walk. He reads a guidebook which says that 5 minutes along the path there is a traverse across the base of a cliff face so beware of falling rocks. As soon as he gets there a large rock comes down on his head and kills him instantly. As if by magic he is standing before St Peter at the Pearly Gates.

St Peter looks over his walking gear and says “You’re going to like it here as we have a large walking group. We split ourselves into groups depending on how quickly we like to walk. How fast do you walk?”

The chap says “I guess pretty fast as I got all the way up here in 5 minutes”.


I do hope to see you on a walk in the very near future and “keep walking, keep smiling”,  Rob Lobley,  Chairman SWWG